Our Story

Deciwood is the first Indian manufacturer of wooden made Bluetooth speakers. Our team is committed to providing excellent quality portable audio devices in classic-retro designs. Hence, you get to experience both high-quality music and old-school charm. Nevertheless, we continue to work on making our products better, more relatable and relevant. Making new discoveries in audio technology that lead to great products for you.

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A Humble Beginning

The idea of the wooden bluetooth speakers was the blend of creativity and understanding of what was lacking in the already available products in the market. After thorough research and exploration of audio technology, Deciwood, the Make-in-India Delhi-based startup came up with unique classic looking designs and industry-first range of sound systems. Taking into consideration the feedback from the customers, the ideas grew and products became better. Today, two years later, we are available at various platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra & Nykaa. We commit ourselves to bring more unique and high-quality music experiences for our customers.

A Strong Research Focus

The core concept behind Deciwood's creation was to merge powerful tech with ancient knowledge. Their research led them to a breakthrough in the audio industry called 'Energy Tube'. By cancelling out distortions, this technology produces a pure, high-bass sound that pounds your heart. Its minimalistic retro designs are another distinctive feature of Deciwood products. The wooden body of every offering of theirs outperforms plastic structures in terms of sound quality and reliability. The quality of these classic wooden speakers will last for years to come, offering an audio experience like no other.

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Personalization you asked for

Technology is at the heart of what we do, but we also believe in designing products that you can identify with. Music is a very personal experience, so why should the product be mass-produced? With this insight, we've created custom products for you. Your logo, music motto, or even your name can be engraved on the grills. Put your own style on your music experience and make it truly your own. 

Looking Forward

With our cutting-edge products and spotless service, we deliver the best experience for our customers. What's next for us? We'll go wherever you lead us. Let us know what you think, what you have experienced, and what you have learned. Every time you speak, we listen. Our products are a reflection of your ideas and we are always open to receiving them. 

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