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*For custom design on speaker grill contact us at [email protected] before placing the order.

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

All over India



1 year first party warranty



Made from sustainable material



Engineered Sound

When sound meets creativity

After every invention a product comes,
changes everything.

Sound Test

You Deserve Great Sound

Deciwood's unplugged has a lot of unique and new features,,
We've narrowed them down for you.

  • Outstanding Design

All the speakers are hand made and with an option to customise the grills.

  • Superior Sound

Sound so good that your playlist is always on repeat.

  • Leather Cover

Leather case feels so good that it will make you hold it even more.

  • Dust Resistant

Unplugged is a SuperSpeaker, and with great sound comes great durability.

  • Energy Tube

Energy Tube is our patent pending audio technology, Don’t trust us, Just hear it.

  • Powerfull Battery

Unplugged can keep any party alive for 5 hours at max volume on a single charge

  • Share a Call

A dedicated call button so that you don’t have to disconnect for every call

  • Great Beats

Do you know how to dance? Because you’ll want to.

The loudest speakers
you’ve ever seen.

Stability at full volume 0%

Our SuperSpeaker is made to lighen up an entire party, Now you should never worry about quality while turning up the volume.

The Energy Tube,
A pinch of real magic.

Performance boost 0%

It is truly magical what the energy tube can do to a speaker. It is like reinventing the wheel. It is a patent pending technology by Deciwood

Passionate about sound and

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And get a chance to become a contributer in our next product.

*Any speaker grill customisation query after 24 hrs of order will not be accepted.