About Us

Deciwood is the only Indian brand to make Bluetooth speakers. Sure, it puts us ahead of the curve. However, that’s not what brings us to work every day. We have a deep resounding passion for music and an undying urge to make superior quality acoustically stable audio devices. We are excited about making new in-roads in audio technology that translate into great product experiences for you.

Our story

A Humble Beginning 

Years ago, we realized that there was no Indian brand making exceptionally great speakers. Most products in the market were imported with little service warranties. There was little scope for feedback and improvements. Being music lovers ourselves, we took the matter in our own hands.


We researched audio technology and worked on making small improvements every day. With wonderful feedback for every new launch, we got the impetus to do better. That led to many patented ideas and industry firsts. And we had only got started. 

Personalization You Asked For

While we have a strong technology focus, we are all for creating products that you can resonate with. Music is a very personal experience so why should the product be mass. We’ve taken this insight seriously to bring you custom products. We can engrave your name, your logo or even your music motto on the grills. Make your music experience your very own with your style embossed on it. 


Strong Research Focus

We’ve worked with numerous customers to find out their pain points. Our research has led to ‘The Energy Tube’ technology, a breakthrough in the audio industry. This signature tech acts as a filter that cancels out any distortions even at high volumes. What the consumer hears is pure high-quality bass that pounds through the heart. Every beat comes alive with meaning emotions. 

We’ve combined this powerful tech with ancient knowledge. Wood is well-known for its ability to produce pure, natural sound. It beats plastic bodies hands down. We bring you this superior experience in classic wooden bodies that exude a unique aura and deliver unbelievably powerful sound.

Looking Forward

We have created cutting-edge products and we deliver spotless service to you. Where are we headed next? Wherever you take us. We invite you to share your experiences, feedback and ideas. We are always listening. Our products are a reflection of your ideas and we always welcome them.